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DEF Equipment

DEF Equipment Partners

AirBlueFluids, Inc. has aligned with Micro-Matic, Blue1USA, and Piusi USA, Inc. to provide the best quality product possible for our customers.

Equipment Options

  • Dispensing Systems for 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.
  • Mini-Bulk Systems
  • Bulk Systems

Dispensing Systems

With the Micro-Matic closed system solution, AirBlueFluids DEF will be ensured to meet the ISO 22241 DEF Purity Standards.

EPV  Connect – Disconnect instructions

RSV  Connect – Disconnect instructions

Micro Matic DEF EPV-RSV Closed Systems Brochure for AirBlueFluids

Mini-Bulk Systems

  • These American made DEF Storage and Dispensing Systems are designed to easily integrate with fuel islands as well as your existing fuel management system.
  • With1,000’s of these proven systems in the global marketplace today, Blue1USA is ready to assist you with any of your DEF storage and dispensing needs.
  • Meets ISO Standard 22241-3,4 for the Storage and Dispensing of DEF!

Pump Assembly & Accessories

  • Engineered to easily integrate with virtually any container (drums, totes/IBC’s, portable tanks, etc…), the positive displacement diaphram pump is designed to transfer DEF at a rate of 8 to 10 gallons per minute.
  • Blue1USA is confident that these tested and proven pump assemblies will meet your DEF dispensing needs.

Piusi 12V DEF


Hand Pump

IBC Tote

K24 Urea Connectors

Drum Pump